Who is Sylvie Shain?

Sylvie Shain is a candidate for Council District 13 in Los Angeles City. Sylvie is a housing rights advocate and a founding member of the LA Tenants Union– a member-led network of local chapters organizing neighborhoods with a strong and diverse union of renters. Through her just spirit and creative orchestration, Sylvie has helped this tenant-centered movement promote legal know-how, collective determination, and spirited participation so Angelenos' can meaningfully engage local government, all to ensure a basic human right: access to decent and affordable housing.

During her years of community organizing, Sylvie has exhibited her commitment to local issues through meaningful participation in anti-displacement and historical preservation efforts. Her principles have propelled her and will continue to guide her life of conscionable leadership. 

Sylvie has launched her candidacy, recognizing the city's need for good governance and new approaches to offer solutions to our many problems. She recognizes that under responsible leadership we can improve the efficiency of the many interwoven boards and departments of the City of Los Angeles. 

Sylvie's relentless participation and dogged resolve has already resulted in proposed local legislative reform, proof that her calling is to serve the public–to serve you.

Apartment Apocalyse", a story by Fox News, featuring Sylvie.

Why is Sylvie running for City Council?

Sylvie's sense of outrage along with encouragement from community members propelled her into running for city council. They wanted her to run for three main reasons:

(1) It would be harmful for the District to carry on under current leadership for another term (5.5 years);

(2) Sylvie's relentless participation in city politics has created trust in her and attests to her sincere commitment to public service;

(3) they recognized that Sylvie isn't just an organizer, she's also a policy wonk–she had the ability to fill the chambers at City Hall, but she can also formulate policy and draft ballot initiatives to address city problems. 

  Sylvie at the Villa Carlotta at the time of her eviction notice

Sylvie at the Villa Carlotta at the time of her eviction notice

What was Sylvie's story before she went into public service?

Sylvie Shain was born in Wilmington, Delaware. In college, Sylvie was an honors engineering student at the University of Delaware before changing course to earn a bachelor's degree in Art. After college, she settled in New York where she eked out a living making less than $1,000 a month as a server at a comedy club. Sylvie moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to be closer to family (her father had grown up in Hollywood). Sylvie soon started her own small business, a craft service business catering to commercial crews and moved into the Villa Carlotta, a historic structure built in 1926 located in Hollywood's Franklin Village.

 Sylvie and the "Ghosts of the Carlotta" being interviewed by Fox News.

Sylvie and the "Ghosts of the Carlotta" being interviewed by Fox News.


Why should you vote for Sylvie Shain?

Whether Sylvie wins or loses, she will continue serving the public in the same capacity as she's been doing for years–by marching down to City Hall and challenging status quo and standing up for what is right. She will continue to engage and empower people and residents to be part of the process. Giving her a seat at the table will make her more effective to move and support the kinds of proposals that our communities need.